Waste Management

We strive to contribute and provide value to the surrounding community by putting more concern in waste management and creating a better quality of living for the workers and the people of Surakarta.

For every process and operation within batik production, such as canting, stamping, dyeing, printing and finishing, we consider the health impact on our employees and also the environmental impact to our surrounding community.  

Currently, in the batik industry, environmental issues are related to the use and discharge of water back into the river system, which includes residual dye stuff, toxicity, color waste, heavy metal contamination and the actual location of the factory. Another important issue that we are addressing with proper ventilation, face masks and gloves is the use of batik wax and the emissions of wax fumes that are harmful to the batik worker’s health.  

At PRIATAMPAN, we have the ability and the will to find new applications and alternative methods of production and materials to create a cleaner world.  This is our way of taking action for sustainable environment with the batik industry.  

We believe that sustainability is related to the quality of life in a community.
At PRIATAMPAN, we are committed to economic, social and environmental systems that will create a meaningful, healthy and productive life for all community residents, present and future.  

The issues of using less, re-cycling, re-purposing and conservation all become part of our philosophy at PRIATAMPAN.