PRIATAMPAN began producing batiks for clothing in 1977 with a very small staff. We have now grown to 250 employees in our 3 square hectare facility. 

Aside from producing batik for the local market, we have expanded our business to include batik fabrics in large production runs for international fabric markets.
We are one of the biggest batik factories in Central Java, and one of the few in Surakarta that is committed to environmental sustainability with a government certified wastewater management system.

We are also involved in a social community outreach through the “Ganesa Library and Study Center”; a non-profit free public lending library that provides people with the opportunity to better themselves through reading and other educational activities.

Vision / Mission


• To be one the world’s most-renowned brands which inspires to innovate.
• To create high quality products which represent theIndonesian heritage.


• To administrate a company both professionally and sustainably.
• To delve into the diversity of the Indonesian culture in the creation of high quality and innovative products.
• To always give the best service to the consumers.
• To conserve the surrounding nature.


1977  Pria Tampan was founded

1990  First clothing collection for women

2006  Pria Tampan first international buyer

2010  Pria Tampan begins expanding into more aspects of the Indonesian market

2015  Pria Tampan has four departments:
Local Market,  Export,  Garment, and General Office

2016  PRIATAMPAN expansion into new markets with the release of  new women’s wear collection under “Debra Lunn” label.