Ganesa Library & Study Center

In 2010, as a way to give back to our larger community, we started a non-profit organization in conjunction with our partners from the US, called Ganesa Library and Study Center.  It is a free public lending library which promotes the habit of learning through reading – everyone is welcome. “Ganesa” is a local Javanese symbol which represents the quest for learning and overcoming obstacles.

Ganesa currently has over 30,000 books in the collections with 30% in English and 70% in Indonesian and 3,000 children’s books that have been translated from English to Indonesian by volunteers, has 10,000 members who check out 6,000 books per month.  We routinely give away books to encourage reading throughout the community. Ganesa is staffed with 5 paid employees who are assisted by a constant stream of volunteers from university students studying English, Library Science and Childhood Education and other volunteers who help with storytelling or teach classes.

Ganesa also routinely offers free educational activities for all ages including…
-Toddler Story Hour includes art activities, educational puzzles and stories in English &Indonesian.  
-Craft classes for children and adults.  
-Documentary film screen and Cable TV featuring National Geographic Channel.
-Ganesa Reading & Writing Community/
-Ganesa English Speaking Group