Our flagship store, also called “Pria Tampan” is located in Laweyan, the famous batik district of Solo, Java, Indonesia. We sell a variety of classic batik and modern batik fabrics by the meter; plus a line of batik clothing for women, men and children. The fabrics in our store are made with a combination of techniques including batik stamp, batik tulis, handpainting, and hand screen-printing.

The ready-to-wear collections in our store are sold exclusively to the Indonesian market and to tourists who visit the store.

Our flagship store features a modern approach in its interior and products while respecting Indonesian tradition and culture. On special occasions, we invite a batik tulis artisan to hold a workshop for visitors to take part in the craft of batik.

Visit Our Flagship Store:

Jl. Sidoluhur, Laweyan, Kota Surakarta,
Jawa Tengah 57148, Indonesia
Store Hours: 10 am - 5 pm
+62 - 0271 - 712 052